Creative Nano Participates in REDONDO Project Review Meeting

Creative Nano played a pivotal role in the inaugural review meeting of the Redondo project, a collaborative effort hosted at SILON's facilities in Tabor, Czech Republic. The meeting served as a platform for project partners to convene and assess progress made over the initial 18-month period, particularly focusing on advancements in the production of recyclable cross-linked polyethylene (rPEX). As an integral part of the consortium, Creative Nano contributed significantly to the project's objectives through its expertise in nanotechnology and material science.

Specifically, Creative Nano's involvement centered around the development of modified nano-lignins, a key component aimed at enhancing the flame retardancy and antioxidant properties of the final rPEX product formulation. The development of modified nano-lignins represents a strategic approach to addressing critical performance aspects of the rPEX material. By leveraging innovative nano-engineering techniques, Creative Nano aims to optimise the properties of lignin, a natural polymer derived from plant biomass, to meet the stringent requirements of the project.

During the review meeting, Creative Nano presented its progress in synthesising and characterising modified nano-lignins tailored to suit the specific needs of the Redondo project. Through a combination of advanced analytical techniques and rigorous testing protocols, Creative Nano demonstrated promising results in improving the flame retardancy and antioxidant performance of the rPEX material. Furthermore, Creative Nano actively engaged in discussions with fellow project partners to exchange insights, address challenges, and explore synergies that could further enhance the overall success of the REDONDO project.