CNano at the NANOSMAT 2023

Creative Nano, a leading nanotechnology company, proudly took part in the 14th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings, and Nanostructured Materials (NANOSMAT 2023). This distinguished event, held in Athens, Greece, from July 10th to 14th, 2023, brought together researchers, scientists, and industry professionals from around the globe to exchange knowledge and explore the latest advancements in the field of nanotechnology.

At NANOSMAT 2023, Creative Nano seized the opportunity to highlight its remarkable achievements within the framework of the groundbreaking Sustain a Print project. Among the various contributions made by Creative Nano, a notable highlight was the compelling poster presentation titled "Lignin/Carbon Nanotube Hybrids for Conductive Ink Applications." This research delves into the development of innovative ink formulations using a combination of lignin, a renewable biopolymer derived from plant materials, and carbon nanotubes, nanoscale structures known for their exceptional electrical conductivity. The presented work demonstrates the potential of these lignin/carbon nanotube hybrids as high-performance materials for conductive ink applications.

During the second day of the 14th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings, and Nanostructured Materials (NANOSMAT 2023), Creative Nano took the spotlight as they unveiled their achievements accomplished within the MOZART EU Project.

Drawing the attention of attendees, Creative Nano presented an insightful poster presentation titled "REACH Compliant Coatings as an Innovative Alternative to Hard Chromium." The poster presentation offered a comprehensive overview of their approach, delving into the meticulous research and extensive experimentation that went into developing these eco-friendly coatings. The team's dedication and innovative thinking were evident in their ability to address the challenges posed by hard chromium while simultaneously ensuring compliance with REACH regulations.

The involvement of Creative Nano in NANOSMAT 2023 exemplifies the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology and fostering collaborations within the scientific community. Through their active participation in this renowned conference, Creative Nano reaffirms its dedication to research excellence and innovative solutions that have the potential to shape the future of various industries. The poster presentation stands as a testament to Creative Nano's expertise and ongoing efforts to explore novel applications of nanomaterials.

In conclusion, Creative Nano's participation was a big success, allowing the company to share its work within the Sustain a Print (SaP) and MOZART EU project, and present their latest findings.