Materials Properties

- Micro hardness (Vickers)

- Corrosion behaviour testing (potentiodynamic polarisation)

- Absorbance / Transmittance in Uv –Visible / Energy band gap

- Surface free energy / Surface tension/ Contact angle

Photocatalytic/self-cleaning evaluation of powders and surfaces

- Evaluation of photocatalytic activity under UV

- Evaluation of self-cleaning properties (hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity) under UV

Water-Physicochemical analyses

- pH

- Alkalinity

- Hardness

- Salinity

- Chlorides

- Conductivity

- Total, suspended and dissolved organic and inorganic solids

Other Scientific Services

- Complete characterisation and problem-solving service, regarding nanomaterials and surface coatings (chemical composition, crystalline structure, mechanical and electrochemical behaviour)

- R&D contract research for third parties