CNano at the MOZART’s 1st Review Meeting

We are thrilled to share the exciting developments achieved by our team during the 1st Review Meeting of the MOZART EU Project. At this pivotal event, all project partners had the opportunity to present their contributions to the exploration of metal-matrix nanocomposite coatings as a viable alternative to hard chromium. We are pleased to report that Creative Nano made substantial progress during the initial 18 months of the project.

Our presentation focused on the remarkable advancements in the development of Ni/ceramics and Ni/Gr coatings at the lab-scale. These findings represent a crucial step forward in realising the potential of these innovative coatings for various applications. We demonstrated the successful modification and optimisation of the pilot-scale tank designed at Creative Nano. This tank aligns with the Safe and Sustainable by Design criteria and principles, ensuring that our work not only meets technical requirements but also adheres to the highest safety and sustainability standards.

We are excited about the positive outcomes of our efforts and look forward to further collaborative exploration as we continue to push the boundaries of metal-matrix nanocomposite coatings within the MOZART EU Project.