Cnano at SAFARI Project Kick-off Meeting

Creative Nano is excited to have the opportunity to be involved in the SAFARI Project, a research initiative supported by funding from the European Union. The core objective of the project is centered around the development of Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) novel MXene/Graphene hybrid 2D materials. These advanced materials will find applications in various fields, including Electromagnetic Interference shielding, Biosensors, and conductive inks.

As a part of our commitment to the SAFARI Project, our team recently embarked on a visit to Poznan University of Technology in Poznan. During the Kick-off Meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with our partners. The purpose of the gathering was to foster a deep understanding of the project's goals and to meticulously plan the necessary steps for its successful execution.

The SAFARI Project represents an exciting opportunity for Creative Nano to contribute to cutting-edge research and make substantial contributions that will drive innovation in multiple sectors.