Creative Nano Advances Safe Materials at SbD for Nano Project Meeting

CNano had the privilege of participating in the highly anticipated 36-month review meeting of the SbD4Nano project, held in Grenoble. This significant gathering brought together leading experts and researchers in the field to share and discuss the latest advancements in safe materials and process design for nanotechnology.

As an active participant in the project, CNano showcased its cutting-edge contributions as one of the project's demonstrations. With a focus on developing innovative solutions, CNano has been at the forefront of creating photocatalytic paints with remarkable capabilities. These revolutionary paints have the unique ability to harness visible light irradiation to effectively degrade indoor air pollutants. By utilizing the power of photocatalysis, this technology offers a promising approach to enhance air quality and create healthier indoor environments.

The participation of CNano in the SbD4Nano project underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology and addressing critical challenges related to safety and sustainability. Through collaborative efforts and continuous innovation, CNano is dedicated to making significant contributions to the field and advancing the adoption of safe materials and processes in nanotechnology applications.