Circularity workshop for the Purenano project

The interest in recycling and in the circular economy concept from the government, society, academia, and industry is grown constantly in the last few years.
PureNano, one of the H2020 projects that Creative nano is participating in, aims to offer a great contribution to supporting the transition toward the circular economy.
On September 27th our team is hosting in the Cnano premises a workshop covering the circularity concept behind the PureNano project and a detailed analysis of recyclability. In more detail, an overview of the circular economy concept, its application to the plating industry and a clear picture of the current waste management practices will be presented. You can find the agenda below. Looking forward to seeing you in Athens.

PureNano - Circularity Concept in PureNano workshop introduction and Agenda

You can visit Purenano's website for more here: