LightCoce Final Review Meeting

The LightCoce Project has reached a significant milestone as it concludes with a highly anticipated final review meeting at the premises of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Over the course, today and tomorrow, all project partners are gathering to present the remarkable advancements achieved throughout the project. This collaborative effort aims to showcase the profound impact and immense value of the LightCoce ecosystem, which has been a driving force in innovation and sustainability.

One of the esteemed partners involved in this project is Creative Nano, playing a crucial role in the development of nano-enabled lightweight concrete. Working closely with NTUA and Titan Cement Company SA, CNano has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of construction materials. Through the application of cutting-edge nanotechnology, they have contributed to the creation of lightweight concrete with enhanced properties and performance.

The collaboration between CNano, NTUA, and Titan Cement Company exemplifies the power of partnership and emphasizes the collective effort to revolutionize the construction industry through advanced materials and sustainable practices. The conclusion of the LightCoce Project marks a significant achievement, opening doors for future advancements and opportunities in the realm of sustainable construction. It stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of the project partners, demonstrating their commitment to driving innovation and making a lasting positive impact on the industry.