Ioanna Katsavou

Business Developer

Dr. Katsavou Ioanna is working at the business development department of Creative nano. She is a Chemical Engineer graduate from National Technical University of Athens. She completed her PhD studies in 2012 with a specialization on Material Science and she focused on the “Investigation of the effect of production conditions on refractory materials’ properties”. Dr Katsavou Ioanna has been involved in numerous Research Project as a researcher since 2007 and her field of interest includes Materials Science, Process Optimization, Nano-encapsulation, Air pollution and Climate Change. Since 2012 she is the Industrial Processes sector expert regarding the obligations of Greece for GHG inventory planning, preparation and management under the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol and EU monitor mechanism. She is a reviewer in international journals in the field of material science and food science and technology, while she has a 10 year teaching experience in the fields of Unit Operations, Chemical Technology, Environmental Technology and Food Processing. Dr Katsavou Ioanna has published 10 scientific and technical papers in peer reviewed International Journals and has participated in 14 National and International Conferences.