Emmanouil Mathioudakis


Mr. Emmanouil Mathioudakis is currently working in the R&D department of creative nano. He is a physicist with a demonstrated working experience in the nanotechnology and semiconductor industries. He has a Physics degree from the University of Athens and a Master’s Degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from The University of Glasgow. During his studies he has worked extensively with various types of thin films (GO, TMDs etc). He has also worked as a Product Engineer in a semiconductor foundry (2015-2018) being responsible, among other duties, for maximizing product yield and optimizing the electrical testing process. Currently, he is working on developing electrodeposited solid lubricant composite coatings as a researcher in a European project (H2020). His skillset involves electroplating, semiconductor processing and device characterization, and micro/nanofabrication.