Alexis Melitsiotis

Production Manager

Mr. Melitsiotis Alexis is a production manager of Creative nano. He is a Physicist graduate from the Physics Department of University of Crete. He completed his Postgraduate studies in “Physics and Technological applications” in 2015 from the National Technical University of Athens and his dissertation was related with the magnetotransport properties of multilayered thin films. In 2014 he joined the INN of NCSR Demokritos as a junior researcher. Since then he has participated in 5 European, industrial oriented Research projects (FP7 & Horizon2020) for Research Centers and SMEs, mainly as implementer of the experimental work. His main field of expertise is the nanocomposite electroplating and sputtering processes along with various materials characterization methods. He has also been involved in project management and coordination of EU projects.